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We are your answer to all Bulk SMS , Voice SMS & Web related queries.

Bulk SMS

We provide bulk sms with API, Sender ID's & delivery reports which gets updated almost instantly. A Bulk SMS Service Provider to users are the Web Interface, Excel plugin to send SMS from Excel Sheet, & API to integrate seamlessly with your software. Protocols such as SMPP, HTTP, XML are supported by us. C​onvey important messages to customers, employees, or members in one go.

Voice Call

We Provide Recordable audio sending facility by Voice call. When you use SMS Me Now Voice messaging services you actually intend to broaden your business circle. Your services are marketed through our computerized and customized voice SMS. In an ever changing digital marketing scenario voice messaging services have been radially adapted by small and large business house.

IVR-Toll Free

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipient. A toll free number is a facility that you provide to your customer. You are more than happy in inviting calls from these prospect customers. IVR and Toll Free both are call manager to manage the calls.

Web Development

Our Web Designing and Development Company in Jhanshi are providing innovative services for Web Design and Development. Creating an interactive interface between the technology and customer has become the spirit of the modern web designing services. The web designing services are capable of giving access to the people to empower them to achieve their respective goal is known as a user-friendly website.


We monitor your brand as your best SMO Company India. We push your brand as and where needed. People get to see your brand again and again and that’s’ how you make a place in their mind. With every trending news the social media management changes. We take care that a close monitoring is done to manage it the best. Social media activities are tweets, re-tweets, likes, shares and views.

Logo Design

We design creative and high quality logo designs for companies and organizations of all sizes from small start-ups to major corporations. Our logos create a unique image for your company and long-lasting impressions on your targeted viewers. Our professional logo designing services in India combine creativity with expertise to design logos that effectively represent your company, products and/or services to the market.


Promotional SMS
  • Sender ID Based
  • Only For Non DND
  • 14 P per SMS
Simbase SMS
  • By Ten Digit Mob
  • Only For Non DND
  • 10 P per SMS
Combo Plan
( Rs.-3199 )
  • 10k Tranasctional
  • 10k Promotional
  • 10k Simbase
Voice Call
(Own Num)
  • 30 Sec Voice Call
  • Transactional
  • 20 P per voice
IVR / Toll Free
  • Manage the Calls
  • 12000 Min- 1 Year
  • Rs. 14000
Social Promotion
  • PPC
  • Rs. 4000- Monthly

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Bulk SMS is a service that enables you to send text messages with your client and send up to the minute information all from our sms control panel.